Wonderful Participation in Shanghai KBC Exhibition Shanghai, China – 7th -10th June 2023

Shanghai KBC Exhibition opens its doors to industry professionals and general audiences, showcasing the latest innovations and advancements in the fields of technology, manufacturing and business services. Held at the Shanghai International Expo Centre, the annual event attracts exhibitors from around the world eager to showcase their products and services to the Chinese market. With its excellent international reputation, Shanghai KBC Exhibition has become an important platform for communication, discovery of new business opportunities and promotion of cooperation among various industries. With the theme of "Exploring the Future", this exhibition brought together more than 500 exhibitors from more than 30 countries and regions, exceeding expectations. The cutting-edge technologies displayed by industry leaders are one of the highlights of this exhibition. From artificial intelligence and robotics to virtual reality and the Internet of Things, visitors can get a glimpse of the future landscape in various fields. Many companies also showcased their innovative solutions in areas such as renewable energy, smart cities, and sustainable manufacturing. Among the exhibitors, several Chinese companies stand out with their breakthrough technologies and unique products. The companies have demonstrated their capabilities in areas such as e-commerce, digital payment systems and advanced manufacturing processes, positioning themselves as key players in the country's digital transformation. KBC Shanghai also provides a platform for companies to exchange ideas and experiences through presentations, panel discussions and networking events. Industry experts and thought leaders share their insights on emerging trends and challenges facing businesses in today's rapidly evolving environment. “We are delighted to be part of this prestigious event,” said [Mr.Ni Yongxiang] from [Zhejiang GANGHONG DECORATION TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD]. "The KBC show in Shanghai not only allows us to showcase our latest products, but also provides a valuable opportunity to network with industry peers and potential partners. We believe this will open up new avenues for cooperation and business growth in China." The successful conclusion of the KBC exhibition in Shanghai once again demonstrated its importance in driving innovation and economic growth in the region. The event proved to be a valuable platform for companies looking to expand their presence in China and explore new market opportunities. For more information on KBC Shanghai and its future editions, please visit [] or contact []. About Shanghai KBC Exhibition: Shanghai KBC Exhibition is an annual event held at the Shanghai International Expo Center, showcasing the latest innovations and advancements in the fields of technology, manufacturing and business services. The event attracts exhibitors from all over the world and provides a platform for networking, discovering new business opportunities and promoting cooperation across industries. ### [ZHEJIANG GANGHONG DECORATION TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD] [Sales Director] [Tel: 0086 575 85640221 or email


Post time: Jun-27-2023