Introduction of LED light mirror touch switch

With the popularity of LED light mirrors in home decoration, more and more families choose to use LED light mirrors in their bathrooms, which are the most useful for lighting and can also play a role in embellishing the bathroom. The role of the atmosphere, and then there is the problem of choosing the configuration of the LED light mirror.

The early LED light mirrors are basically equipped with mirror touch switches or no switches, and use the switch on the wall to control the light of the mirror. This is indeed a common solution. The advantages are low cost, convenient production and later use, but early The function of the LED light mirror and the color of the light are relatively simple. There are not many choices. Basically, it is a single color of light, which cannot realize the function of dimming and color matching. some usage scenarios.

The disadvantages of the touch switch are also very obvious. Because the switch is operated on the surface of the mirror, it is very easy to leave fingerprints on the surface of the mirror to stain the mirror. For beauty, it is necessary to clean the mirror frequently. It will reduce the recognition rate of the switch and cause great trouble.

With the development and innovation of LED light mirrors, we have added many new functions to LED light mirrors.

In the use of LED lights, we have increased the color temperature range of LED lights, so that the color of the lights can be switched between 3500K and 6500K without interruption, and at the same time, the brightness of the lights can be adjusted to meet more usage scenarios, so that the lights at night are not dazzling.

With the addition of these functions, the single function of the old-fashioned touch switch can no longer meet the use of these functions. Through our continuous research and development, it is now possible to control the three functions of light on and off, brightness and color temperature at the same time through one switch. Using different operation methods, you can switch the mode of the switch to achieve this effect.

Post time: Aug-15-2022