Application of inductive switches

LED light mirror has been born for more than 10 years, in this 10-year period, the LED light mirror industry has experienced tremendous development and reform, especially in some functions, such as the increase in the variety of switches and multimedia.

Currently, our most advanced switch is the sensor switch, and we have divided the types of sensor switches into two kinds. One is the waving hand sensor switch, and the other is the more intelligent human sensor switch.
Waving sensor switch is a kind of switch that controls the light by sensing the user’s movement through infrared light, usually installed around the mirror, the high-precision infrared light can accurately sense the change of objects within 15 cm above the switch, the user only needs to wave his hand above the switch or use any object above the switch to block the infrared light, the open light can accurately sense and make a corresponding response, through different Through different actions and stay time to switch the mode of the switch, so that you can achieve the effect of adjusting the color and brightness of the light, which is an efficient and convenient switch, while the induction switch has a memory function, even if the power failure will also remember the user’s settings for the light.

Human body induction switch is a more efficient switch than waving induction switch, we will hide the switch to the back of the mirror, there is no trace on the surface of the mirror, the induction range is 1 meter space in front of the mirror, the user approaches the switch, the switch automatically senses and responds to turn on the light, the user stays in front of the mirror during the use will continue to sense the human body and lights, people out of the switch range After about 30 seconds, the switch will automatically turn off the mirror lights, the addition of this switch makes the mirror more technological sense, but also more environmentally friendly, saving electricity, users do not need to touch the mirror frequently to control the lights.

This is the newest technology from GANGHONG.

Post time: Aug-15-2022