GH-A0110 high-end carved bathroom mirror

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The natural and fresh versatile style starts from the choice. The simple lines of metal texture are in line with modern aesthetics, making life full of art. This is the combination of beauty and art. Go out of the secular world, enjoy the leather life, and add a warmth to your life. Thick materials, environment-friendly and healthy materials, take care of the whole family. High definition mirror surface, delicate edge grinding, bright and clear. It is a product popular with new and old customers in the market at present.

Product Introduction

High end simple European bevel bathroom mirror, which has been popular in more than 70 countries in the world for 28 years, is timeless

l The complete set of glass processing equipment imported from Italy is used. The mirror edge is smooth and flat, which can protect the silver layer from rust

l SQ/BQI high-quality special glass for mirror surface, with a reflectivity of more than 98%, and a clear and lifelike picture without deformation

Copper free silver plating process, combined with multi-layer protective layer and Valspar imported from Germany ® Anti oxidation coating for longer service lifeHigh-end simple European style beveled edge bathroom mirror, 28 years of best-selling in more than 70 countries around the world, classic never out of date

The use of imported Italian glass processing equipment, mirror edge smooth, flat, more protective of the silver layer is not easy to rust

SQ/BQI grade high quality mirror special glass, reflectivity up to 98% or more, clear and realistic picture without distortion

Copper-free silver plating process, combined with multi-layer protection layer and German imports of Valspar® antioxidant coating, bringing longer service life

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