DL-71 Acrylic Smart Mirror

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Simple and intelligent bathroom square mirror, large face and wide whole mirror design, using irregular symmetrical LED light strips, showing a modern and fashionable style in a low-key manner. High-quality LED strips are bright and waterproof, and the wick has good optical reflection effect and long life, which can effectively reduce light loss and improve light efficiency. Using high-definition float silver mirror, anti-oxidation and anti-blackening, intelligent defogging, so that beauty is no longer covered.

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Acrylic light guide plate design provides uniform, full and bright front and side lighting effects, soft and not dazzling

lThe standard is a mirror touch switch to adjust the light on/off, and it can also be upgraded to a touch dimmer switch with dimming/coloring function

lThe standard light is 5000K monochrome natural white light, and it can also be upgraded to 3500K~6500K stepless dimming or one-key switching between cold and warm colors

lThis product adopts high-quality LED-SMD chip light source, the service life can be up to 100,000 hours*

lExcellent pattern produced by computer-controlled high-precision automatic sandblasting, no deviation, no burr, no deformation

lUsing complete set of glass processing equipment imported from Italy, the mirror edge is smooth and flat, which can better protect the silver layer from rusting

lSQ/BQM grade high-quality mirror special glass, the reflectivity is as high as 98%, the picture is clear and realistic without deformation

lCopper-free silver plating process, combined with multi-layer protective layers and Valspar® anti-oxidation coating imported from Germany, brings longer service life

lAll electrical accessories are exported to European standard / American standard certification standard and have undergone strict testing, and are durable, far exceeding similar products

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