DL-33 Fashion All Star Stripe Bathroom Mirror

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This circular frameless LED mirror brings a more harmonious and futuristic appearance. The timeless circular design, combined with simple and fashionable scattering stripes, will make it always in a new state with anti-corrosion materials. Suitable for bathroom, living room, barber shop, beauty salon, coffee shop and lobby. Bright, smooth, futuristic, stylish and luxurious. The light is adjustable. Three colors are available, warm, natural and white. Large brightness ranges from very dark to very bright. Just press the touch button to adjust it to your preferred level. When the light is turned on again, it can also remember the last setting, and the touch button will respond quickly. In the market by new and old customers love.

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●Super Clear. Fine LED bright lights; CRI>90 close to sunlights; SQ grade mirror glass. Qualified lights plus high-quality mirror glass make the refelction super clear.
●Super Design. The feature is the oval mirror with 2 curved illuminations. The light only penetrates the areas of illumination forward & the edge of glass itself, no any light leaks from the other area of mirror.
●Super Safety. IP44. Saftey is the top priority because the mirror is working in a wet environment. Our mirrors are tested by UL(North America standard) and TUV(German standard).
●Super Quality. Our raw mirror, lighting system, mounting system, and even our packaging box are made in top grade quality standard. Our mirror will last lifetime without erosion as we apply the epoxy protection backside. The area of illumination is made by CNC sandblasting machine, very smooth & accurate.
●Option 1: Touch button on the mirror normally. If customer chooses rocker button on wall or IR sensor, instead of touch button, the anti-fog film will be able to apply.
●Option 2: LED 5000K single white light normally. But 3500K - 6500K color will be adjusted if customer chooses the touch sensor, instead of touch button.
●Quality 1: Raw mirror. 5mm SQ grade silver mirror with copper free treatment and epoxy protection can last lifetime without corrosion and very smooth & flat mirror does lead to a true reflection.
●Quality 2: Area of illumination is made by CNC sandblasting machine. The brown corundum sand for blasting is quite fine & tiny.
●Quality 3: LED stripe. CRI>90; As for LED driver, the CE or UL certified; Supply 220V-240V or 110-130V, 50/60HZ; IP>44. In addition, the chips for LED are imported too.
●Quality 4: Packaging. 5-tiered corrugated master carton with foam & bubble bag protection inside, then put the goods on pallet with film wrapped together normally. But special honeycomb box or wooden crate is available if client needed. Additional protection for the corners.

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