LV series aluminum mirror cabinet with led light IR sensor

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LV series aluminum alloy mirror cabinet, whole body use aluminum alloy production, have better stability, in any use environment will not occur deformation and rust, our exclusive patent, can perfect hidden electrical box, improve the safety of use, but also can add different standard socket in the cabinet, to meet the needs of different customers, at the same time 12V LED lamp belt can also ensure the safety of users, eliminate the risk of leakage.

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The inside of the cabinet uses a tempered ultra-clean glass shelf, which can freely adjust the height of the shelf while ensuring the strength of the shelf.

For hardware accessories, we use Blum and GRASS hinges imported from Austria,For hardware accessories, we use Blum and GRASS hinges imported from Austria, and use the best accessories to give customers the best experience.

We have equipped the MV series products with the latest wave-sensing multi-function switch, which does not need to be touched. The switch can be controlled by waving or staying at a distance of 5 to 15 cm from the switch. At the same time, the switch also supports the function of adjusting color temperature and can operate multiple functions with only one switch, which is the latest technology from GANGHONG Macro.

We use 3MM SQ/BQI grade copper-free mirrors for glass selection, and the reflectivity is as high as 98%. At the same time, we use the German Valspar® anti-oxidation coating, the reflectivity exceeds 98%, which can restore the user's image to a greater extent.

High-quality mirror original pieces and advanced cutting and grinding technology can greatly extend the service life of the mirror.

Our products have CE, TUV, ROHS, EMC,UL and other certifications, and can be customized according to different countries with different electrical specifications.

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LV-23L 4 Original
LV-25 3 Original

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